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Submit A Crime Trip

Persons with vital information about crimes usually do not contact police because they fear retaliation or because they do not want to end up in court as a witness. As a result many criminals who should be in jail are still walking the streets free to commit more crimes. Crime tips are very valuable to investigators and can be used without exposing the source of information if the person wishes to remain anonymous.

There are two options for submitting a crime tip. You can fill out the form below and hit the submit button at the bottom or call the following toll free number.


Your name, address, and phone are not required to provide a CRIME TIP to the Scott County Sheriff's Office. Your comments and personal information, if submitted, will remain confidential. 

Scott County Mo
P.O. Box 188 :: 131 S. Winchester Street 
Benton, Missouri 63736 
Phone: 573-545-3549 Fax: 573-545-3540
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